Where are they now: Britt Snipes

Cynthia Reyes
Staff Writer

Britt Snipes was born and raised in the Texas Panhandle and graduated from Borger High School in 2013. She attended West Texas A&M University and received my bachelor’s degree in 2017 with a double major: advertising/public relations and electronic media. “WT opened the door to some amazing opportunities. I was a Rogers Lead WT Scholar (a two-year leadership program), WT President's Ambassador, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges, a NEW Leadership Texas Graduate and a member of the WTAMU Traditions Council,” Britt says.

During her third year at WT, Britt interned for the Honorable Mac Thornberry (TX-13) in Washington D.C. for a semester. “This opportunity taught me so many valuable leadership skills,” Britt says, “and I met some incredible people along the way. I also had a second internship with the non-profit organization Ogallala Commons developing social media content.”

After graduating from WT, Britt moved to Liverpool England to complete her master’s degree in twentieth-century history at the University of Liverpool. On making the big move from Texas to England, Britt says: “Some of the best moments in my life have been when I've stepped out of my comfort zone. I'm not one to settle and I love going against the grain.”

“By my senior year of college, I knew I wanted to get my master’s degree,” Britt explains, “I started looking online at other schools in Texas: Texas Tech, Baylor, University of Texas, etc. I received an email from WT that there would be a 'Grad School Fair' happening on campus, which listed the different schools that were coming. It also said there would be an organization called 'Across the Pond' that would be in attendance. Out of curiosity, I looked them up. Across the Pond helps US students apply to universities in the UK and provides guidance and advice the entire way.” Britt discovered that attending grad school for one year in the UK would cost just as much, if not less, than it would for two years of grad school in Texas, so she applied to several universities and got into her first choice.

Though Britt says it was hard to leave loved ones and tex-mex food behind for a year, she wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. “Amazing things happen when you do what scares you! I have to mention, however, that there's no way I would be in this position without the support of my friends and family. I cannot emphasize that enough!” Britt says.

Living in England has allowed Britt the opprotunity to travel all across Europe. So far, Britt has visited six countries, including Italy, Ireland and Belgium. “My favorite trips have been Paris and Amsterdam by far. Starting in June, however, I'll begin researching and writing my dissertation. So, the travelling may have to be put on hold,” Britt says.

As for the future, Britt says: “Although I've enjoyed this time in Liverpool, I am eager to return to Texas to work after I submit my dissertation. That's about as far as I can look ahead right now! So, stay tuned for what's to come in the future.”