Warm weather provides chance to enjoy Lake Meredith hiking trails

Cynthia Reyes
Staff Writer

Spring is here, along with warmer temperatures. Hiking at Lake Meredith is an excellent way to enjoy the warmer weather while getting exercise and taking in the beauty of nature.

Currently, there are three trails at Lake Meredith.

Harbor Bay Trail consists of a variety of gently rolling hills, steep slopes with steps, and switchbacks. It is a moderate to hard hike that travels through canyons and over mesas. Depending on the loops you choose it ranges from 2.28 to 8.36 miles. The trail is located near the parking lot at Harbor Bay.

South Turkey Creek Trail is an easy to moderate hike and is 16.51 miles. trail starts across the road from the picnic area at Harbor Bay. The trail is fairly level and winds around nearby hills.

Mullinaw Trail is 4.3 miles with little to no hills, making it a relatively easy hike. However, due to it's location, it's best to visit this trail when it's dry and not rainy. The trail can be accessed from Mullinaw Road.

Safe hiking tips: bring plenty of water, check local forecast and wear proper clothing.