Tennis open tournament this weekend

Alex Mann
Managing Editor

Tennis fans rejoice, locals of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels are invited to join the Borger High School Tennis Boosters this Saturday for an open tournament. For those interested in playing, rather than watching, registration forms were due Weds, but information is still available at 886-0044. But regardless of winners and losers at the tournament itself, the event offers a chance for enthusiasts to gather, hone their skill, and learn from those who excel. Especially for younger players, the chance to watch and play against skilled opponents is not only a chance to learn, but also to inspire a spirit of competition and love for the game.

“It's an open tournament, and anyone who wants to play can enter,” says Cindy Madden who is helping to organize the weekend tournament. “We like to have a low tournament fee, it's just $10, and you can enter singles, doubles, or mixed doubles. We provide it as an opportunity for people, maybe beginners, to gain some experience and have an opportunity to play. The coach will be there to help younger ones keep score and learn all that, and our more seasoned players will have a chance to play in Borger.” According to Cindy, the chance for kids and beginners to play in a real tournament setting is a rare chance that can greatly benefit newer players. “To be able play in a tournament environment that's friendly to beginners is an exciting thing, that's how our kids got excited about tennis. It's a fun day where they can play against themselves, first and second place get medals, and it also allows them to see older players who are really good... It's a great way to get kids excited about tennis.”

While the tournament itself should provide plenty of entertainment, competitors will play knowing their entry fees are going towards a great cause as well. The Tennis Boosters are responsible for a number of court improvements, and do their best to assist students learning the game. “This is one of our main fundraising events for the year, and we'll use it to improve the facilities.” Cindy says, “Already the courts have been refinished this past summer, and the school has gotten new wind breaks, but we also want to improve the bleachers, add some covers for the bleachers, and improve the grounds some more. We also provide things for the kids and teams like water bottles, and sometimes we do duffle bags.”

According to Cindy, tennis is a life long sport that helps people stay active, and meet new people. As one of the fastest growing sports in America, Cindy says the chance to help new students develop their passion is one with far reaching benefits. “It's a great cause to support and it provides an activity for kids in Borger to do without being on the streets doing things they shouldn't.” She says, “Playing tennis, we like to promote that as a great activity for all ages, and especially something kids can get started with.”