Students win Borger Middle School costume contest

6th, 7th, and 8th grade costume contest winners, from left to right, back row, Kayli Spickes (Five Nights at Freddies Foxy), Morgan Heredia (Minion), Kindred Faer (Potato), Canaan Manning (Bacon), Alyssa Flood, Sierra Schomp, Reagan Ray and Naveah Dickson (Chick Fil-A Cows); center, Ethan Otero (Joker), Gavin Martinez (Edward Scissorhands); front, Chance Haddox (Star Wars Jawa),  Walker Martin (Crash test dummy)
Alex Mann
Managing Editor

The spooks were on parade at Borger Middle School [BMS] on Friday as the campus hosted a school-wide contest to see which students had managed to pull off the most creative Halloween costumes. With hundreds of students participating, it goes without saying that the competition was often close, but roughly a dozen students managed to walk away with honors for their silly and spooky outfits.

“We thought it should be a fun day, and some of them worked so hard and put so much time into it... we thought we should recognize them somehow,” says Dayna Flood with the BMS Library, and after witnessing the level of competition first hand, she feels students had plenty of fun competing for the WalMart gift card prizes. “I think some of them took it quite seriously, just looking at the costumes.” Dayna says, “Some of these with the makeup... there's no telling how early they got up this morning.”

Of course some students take their costumes to whole new levels, and Dayna feels it was important to recognize that dedication and attention to detail. “We thought it should be a fun day, and some of them worked so hard and put so much time into it... we thought we should recognize them somehow.” She says, “At this age, you know sometimes it's awkward for kids, they don't want to stand out, so it's kind of fun to give them a chance be their own person.” Though Halloween is a season famous for costumes, individuality and creativity manage to shine through despite the masks as kids select outfits that match their tastes and show off their interests.

As for the contest itself, with so many outstanding costumes on display, Dayna was able to explain how finalists were narrowed down, and winners selected. “We had each teacher with a class in second period class hold a vote, and the kids in that class got to vote on a winner for their class.” Dayna explains, “Then the winners from those classes came to the library, and we had three of our faculty come in, and they cast the final votes. There were so many, we had to narrow it down some way.” She continues, “We told the teachers ahead of time, so they knew second hour would be voting on a winner.”

Despite the challenge of organizing a competition with hundreds of students involved, Dayna feels the outcome was a reward all its own. “Just seeing the kids excited...” she smiles, “I just thought, there's so much put into the academics, that sometimes kids need a little break... you see the smiles on their face, and it's all worth it. I think it came together fairly smooth considering it's such a crazy day with such crazy weather.”