State gives letter grades to all public schools; here’s how Hutchinson County schools scored

Cynthia Reyes
Staff Reporter

Schools in Texas received letter grades based on their performance last year. This is the first year the Texas Education Agency have given individual schools letter grades ratings.
 In an Aug. 15 press release announcing the release of the Accountability Ratings Education Commissioner Mike Morath, Texas education commissioner, said, “Performance continues to improve in Texas schools because of the tireless effort of Texas teachers, administrators and staff. I am particularly proud of the educators at the 296 high-poverty schools that achieved an A rating this year. With resources on, educators and parents and empowered as they never have been before to support even greater improvements in the future.”
 The grades are determined by ratings in three categories: how students perform on state tests, improvement in those scores and how well schools are educating disadvantaged students. Each school as well each district also receive an overall performance letter grade. The better score out of two of the categories — student achievement and student progress — counts for 70% of the overall grade. The remaining 30% is based on the closing the gaps grade.
 School Progress measures how much better students performed on the STAAR test this year versus last year. It also looks at how much better students are doing academically at the school compared to similar schools.
Closing the Gaps measures the percentage of different groups of students that performed above state goals in four areas.
Student Achievement measures whether students have met grade-level expectations as measured by the STAAR test. It also considers graduation rates and how prepared students are for life after high school.
 On its website, TEA also notes areas in which schools did exceptionally well.
 Borger High School- academic achievement in science.
 Borger Middle School- academic achievement in science, top 25%: comparative academic growth and top 25%: comparative closing the gaps.
Borger Intermediate School- academic achievement in English language arts/reading, top 25%: comparative academic growth and top 25%: comparative closing the gaps.
West Texas High School- top 25%: comparative academic growth.
Sanford-Fritch High School- post-secondary readiness.