Seed plant near Stinnett offers variety of products

Plant Manager Patrick Pronger shows the 2,500-pound bulk sacks of razor beardless wheat. (photo by Tim Howsare)West Gaines Seed is located on Highway 207 about eight miles north of Stinnett. (provided photo)

Driving north on Highway 207 from Stinnett to Spearman, there isn’t a whole lot to see besides mile after mile of crops growing on a flat, windy landscape.
This rural topography amongst the farms and the gravel county roads, however, is probably an ideal location for one of the Panhandle’s newest — and largest — ag businesses, West Gaines Seed, Inc.
Sprawling over an area of 34,000 square feet on the west side of the highway, the West Gaines facility is a state-of-the-art processing and treating plant for a variety of grain seeds.
Managed by Russell White, the facility will be completed in the fall.
Though the plant isn’t fully operational yet, Plant Manager Patrick Pronger said they have been open for about a year.
Their clients include wholesalers, farmers and walk-ins, said Pronger, who lives in Sunray.
Headquartered in Seminole, Texas, West Gaines has been in business for more than 24 years with locations in Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma and Louisiana.
The new location offers small grains, including beardless triticale and beardless wheat, sorghum-sudangrass and NexGen cottonseed.
Pronger said triticale is a mix of wheat and rye and is used for foraging and grazing.
Beardless wheat doesn’t have “whiskers,” Pronger said, which is good for cows because without whiskers it doesn’t get stuck in their mouths.
Behind the air-conditioned front office are two holding warehouses. Grain seeds are stacked in rows of 50-pound bags and the much larger 2,500-pound bulk sacks.
Pronger said the 2,500-pound sacks, which can easily fit into the bed of a full-size pick-up truck, have built-in funnels on the bottom to get the seeds out.
In the processing facility, which is still a work in process, the seeds are cleaned, treated and bagged, Pronger said.
According to its website, West Gaines offers the most modern and advanced seed delinting and treating facilities in the country.
With its own fleet of trucks and live bottom trailers, the company can deliver anywhere in the continental United States, coast-to-coast.
West Gaines Seed is a licensed government warehouse, and also provides seed for export to participating foreign countries, the website states.
Pronger has worked for West Gaines for about two months and said he likes what they do.
“They are willing to change products to fit the growers’ needs,” he said. “They stay up-to-date with equipment and products.”
West Gaines is located at 11215 Highway 207, Stiwnnett.
For more information, visit or call toll-free at 877-758-9473.