Scott Mills running for BISD board of trustees

Scott Mills is running for a seat on the Borger ISD Board of Trustees.Mills has lived in Borger for 30 years. He graduated from the University of Nebraska and moved to Borger driving his 1972 Ford packed to the brim with all of his belongings on Jan. 11, 1981.“I was single and straight out of college and went to work for Phillips Petroleum with the thought I would be transferred within three or four years,” he said. “Thirty years later I find myself, by choice, still living in Borger.”He said Borger is a great place to raise a family and exemplifies “small town USA,” with the friendliness of the people and the work ethic brought here by the original “wildcatters.”“I’ve had plenty of opportunities to move on, but several years ago I chose to raise a business and raise my family here and have never regretted my decision,” Mills said.He met his wife Terri the first year he was in Borger and the two married in July of 1982. They have raised two daughters, Haylee, a 2004 Borger High School graduate, and Kristen, who is currently a junior at BHS.“The Phillips career lasted less than two years and I chose to stay in Borger to pursue a career in the financial service industry,” Mills said. “I have been advising the people of Borger with their financial questions and goals for many years. I currently am a financial advisor for Edward Jones.”He said his parents as well as Terri’s parents spent their entire careers in the public schools as teachers and administrators.“We both understand the significant difference a good education can make on a person’s life and have instilled that principle while raising our daughters,” Mills said.He has been an active member of First United Methodist Church for over 25 years and has taught Sunday School for many of those years. Mills also said the Borger Noon Lions Club has been a big part of his life for over 20 years and and he has held many different leadership positions over the time he has been an active member.In the early 2000s, Mills served on the board of the Borger Economic Development Corporation, and was president for five of those years.“I have learned most of what I know about public education from my parents and by being fully involved in all of my daughters’ school activities over the last 20 years and being married to a teacher for 29 years,” he said.He said he feels his work experience in the financial service industry has helped him develop a skill set uniquely beneficial to serving on the school board during these difficult and uncertain budgetary times.“I understand the budgeting process and am able to derive valuable information from a set of financial statements and the right and sometimes difficult questions to ask,” Mills said. “I have learned any decision made in haste when emotions are running high usually is a wrong decision and can end in disaster.”He said working with clients through two difficult bear markets over the past 10 years has taught him valuable lessons in patience and the importance of keeping emotions at bay.Mills also said his experience leading the BEDC board of directors taught him the seriousness and great responsibility all public boards have in being stewards of the taxpayers’ resources. “As I alluded to earlier, I know and understand the significant, positive difference an effective, challenging teacher can have on students’ lives,” he said. “I believe teaching is a noble profession and I have a deep respect for good, effective teachers.”Lastly, Mills said he understands that a board’s responsibility is to hire the most effective leaders possible and allow them to run the day-to-day operations of the organization.“I have learned a board must trust the leaders they hire to lead,” he said.He said there are various qualities he can bring to the office of school board trustee if elected.“I feel I have developed good listening skills throughout my career and understand the importance of allowing people to express themselves,” Mills said. “I do not back away from asking the tough questions if they need to be asked.”He also said he has a positive attitude and can identify opportunities brought on by “perceived” disasters and crises, and he is level-headed and does not allow emotions to trump logic in decision making.“I believe in the public school system and in Borger Independent School District and know that the system and BISD are far from perfect, but I do know from first-hand experience that BISD has done and will in the future prepare our children for the real world,” Mills said.He said his desire is to make BISD more effective, more productive, and more innovative in how it teaches its youth to think and learn.“I would appreciate your vote on May 14,” he said.