Rock Around the County Community Scavenger Hunt

Cynthia Reyes
Staff Writer

In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, HC3 invites the community to participate in the Rock Around the County Scavenger Hunt.

Several business and groups participated by decorating a rock with designs to bring awareness to sexual assault. These rocks are then placed around the county for a scavenger hunt.

Everyone in the community is welcome to participate by going around the county and taking a picture of as many SAAM decorated rocks. Participants are encouraged to leave the rocks where they remain, so others can also participate.

Participants can either email their pictures or simply show their pictures at the HC3 News Conference on Wednesday April 11 at 3:00 p.m. in front of the Borger Bank. The person with the most pictures will then receive a prize.

Rock around the County list of participants and possible locations: 84th District Judge, Ace Hardware, Altrusa (at the Dome), Borger Bank, Borger Chamber of Commerce, Borger Fire Dept, Borger ISD admin bldg, Borger News Herald, Borger Police Dept, Buttercup House, Charles & Polly Gillingham, Comac Courthouse in Stinnett, DA Mark Snyder, District Clerks Office, Fritch ISD, Happy State Bank, Huber Park, iRims, Judge Griffin & dispatchers, Judge Irwin & Com. Court, Lowe’s Supermarket, on Main St in Borger, Newmann & Bailey, park on Stephens and Coble, Provenance, Sheriffs Office, Souled Out Designs, Wal-Mart.