Phillips 66 firefighters take part in stair climb to memorialize 9/11

From left, Landon Gabaldon, Tracy Young, Brent Newcomb, Kevin Bass and Rodney Kerbo. (provided photos) The name and photo of the deceased firefighter that Brent Newcomb carried during his stair climb.
Tim Howsare

Five firefighters from the crew at Phillips 66 in Borger took part in a stair climb Saturday, Sept. 7, in Oklahoma City to honor the firefighters who perished in terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.
Altogether, 343 firefighters and 61 law enforcement officers from across the nation climbed 110 flights of stairs to memorialize the first responders who sacrificed their lives on that fateful day and to keep alive the promise, “We Will Never Forget.”
The Pentagon also was attacked and another commercial jet crashed in a rural area of Pennsylvania.
“It was more demanding than I thought it would be,” said Brent Newcomb, an operator at Phillips 66.
Newcomb said they were dressed in full gear, which weights about 65 pounds.
The stair climb was held in the Chase building, which is 33 stories, he said.
They first climbed 31 stories, then 25, then went to the basement and also climbed on an escalator that was turned off, Newcomb said.
The other firefighters from Phillips were Tracy Young, Kevin Bass, Rodney Kerbo and Landon Gabaldon.
Each firefighter and police officer taking part in the climb carried the name of a firefighter or police officer who died in the attacks. Newcomb carried the name and picture of Angel L. Juarbe Jr., Ladder 12, FDNY.
With today being the 18th anniversary of the attacks, it is possible for someone born on that day to now legally be an adult.
Newcomb said he is planning to attend the climb next year and hopes the memory of 911 will not fade over time.
“We need to make sure everybody remembers that day,” he said. “It was a tragic day for the whole country.”