Petroleum lab tech’s true passion is cloths, fashion

Borger resident Chester Williams
Sarah Harris
Staff Writer

After serving in the military, spending over 20 years in Europe, Chester Williams of Borger returned to this area and has been working at Orion as a petroleum lab technician. Williams’ true passion, however, has always been fashion.
He formed a company, 528 Uomo, which focuses on men’s apparel. In fact, “uomo” means men in Italian.
“Back when I grew up in this area,” Williams says, “it was impossible to get any type of fashion. I was way beyond any type of department store, so we always ordered our clothing. I’ve always had a knack for dressing and putting things together. I don’t know, it’s just in my blood. I look back now and even my father and my mother, and even my grandparents, were always dressed really nice and took a lot of interest in clothing, so I think it’s kind of just passed down.”
Williams has the opportunity to take his love of fashion and design to the next level, showcasing his work in New York City during next year’s fashion week. This opportunity came about when Oxford Fashion Studio, who sponsors up-and-coming fashion designers, saw Williams’ work on social media.
“It’s really a dream come true,” Williams says. “We have a couple generations that have stepped down in fashion. I hope to make a difference and bring the youth of America into something. You can dress a blazer up or down. Anymore, you can wear a blazer with a nice pair of sneakers and denim jeans. There are so many ways, such as a T-shirt with a button-down and a tie. There are so many ways you can wear a blazer.
“My main thing is bringing the really nice-dressed society back up to par. Anymore, a pair of jeans and a T-shirt is what you see most people in this area wearing. My thing is to bring back a nice-dressed man. The street look isn’t appropriate all the time, and I think we’ve taken that to a level that is not necessary and shouldn’t be. You can’t change everybody, but you can change a few. That’s what we want to do at 528 Uomo. We’re not a faceless brand, we’re a lifestyle. Nice clothes make you feel good. It changes who you are as a person.”
For more information about Williams’ company, visit, or the company’s Facebook page.