Petition begins to 'Get Stinnett Wet’

Jennifer Morang, who works at Allsup’s, said she was the first person to sign the petition to “Get Stinnett Wet.”
Tim Howsare
Staff Writer


A petition has started in Stinnett to change it from a “dry city,” which means no alcohol sales of any kind, to a “wet city,” which could open the way for package sales at stores like Allsup’s and Dollar General, and possibly the sale of alcohol at restaurants like Jesse’s Pizza.
Stinnett is a “dry city” in a “wet county.”
Borger is a “wet city,” and Fritch, which for formerly dry, is now wet.
Any changes in the intoxicating beverage laws in Stinnett would have to go before the voters who live within city limits, and the earliest that could happen is the May 2, 2020, municipal election.
Stinnett is the county seat of Hutchinson County with a population just under 2,000.
Toby Nutter, owner of Tribal Fitness in Stinnett, started the petition. The building that he owns also is the location of Jesse’s Pizza.
Nutter said he is part of a coalition called “Get Stinnett Wet,” which he estimates is comprised of about 15 people.
Nuder said he would like more people spend money in Stinnett, instead of driving out of town to buy beer. Nuder added that while they are someplace else buying beer, they are also buying groceries and filling up on gas.
“The reason I am pushing this is to see some tax dollars spent here,” he said. “We could have a better community and more things done with the tax dollars. Stinnett is just flatlined. It would help our restaurants to be able to have alcohol.”
Along with the Allsup’s convenience store, there is a CEFCO across the street.
The other retail stores are a new Dollar General on the south end of town and Market Square, a small grocery store not far from the Hutchinson County Courthouse.
Brenda Derrick and Jennifer Morang, both employees at Allsup’s, agreed the beer and wine sales would increase their business.
Morang said she was the first person to sign the petition.
Their manager, Sally Rice, said she used to work in Wellington when it was a “dry city in a wet county.” Wellington is the county seat of Collingsworth County.
When Wellington became a “wet city,” Rice said she saw an increase in business.
Tim Thurston is the manager of the Market Square in Stinnett.
Market Square has several locations through the Texas Panhandle and Oklahoma.
Thurston said if Stinnett became wet, his store would likely sell beer and wine, as does the Market Square in Sunray.