Pampa couple finds old newspaper plates during remodeling project

Tim Howsare

It's well known people use newspapers to line bird cages, but using newspapers as wallpaper?
That's what a Pampa couple discovered when they started remodeling the bathroom of the building they are renting for their business, A&M Engine Repair.
To clarify, the wallpaper wasn't actual newspapers, but the metal plates used to print the newspapers.
One of those plates was the front and back page of the July 3, 1979, edition of the Borger News-Herald.
So what was the lead story? “Hoppers Get the Jump on Ranchers.”
Though there appears to be quite a few grasshoppers jumping around right now, there doesn't seem to be anything of Old Testament proportions as there was in July 1979.
Apparently, Borger had two movie theaters in 1979. The Morley, which was showing “The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again,” and Bunavista, which was showing “Ice Castles.”
In an ad on the back page for Whites Home & Auto, the big, deluxe model riding mower was selling for $798 and push mowers were selling for $99 and $129.
Just about everything has gone up in price since 1979. One thing, however, has gone done is price. A single copy of a weekend edition of the BNH sold for $1.50 while the Sunday edition was $2.50.
Today, a single copy is 75 cents, whether it's a weekday or weekend paper.