Our Dallas Cowboys open the 2017 season at home Sunday, September 10 against the N.Y. Giants. Is this the most exciting Cowboys team in a generation?

Perhaps the most exciting Cowboys team in a generation open the 2017-18 season at home against NFC East rival N.Y. Giants this Sunday. Last January the 'Boys nearly upset the Green Bay Packers, but Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers, with 35 seconds on the clock, moved the Packers into field goal range setting up a game winning kick.

By any measure, the health of the Cowboys is impressive. The team recorded $700 millions in revenue last year, the highest of any NFL team. The Cowboys franchise is worth $4.2 billion making them the most valuable franchise in all of professional sports. The team has 8.75 million Facebook fans, the highest of any NFL team.

Are you a die-hard fan? Are you planning to attend a game this year? How far will the Cowboys go this season? Share your thoughts with our readers. We'd like to hear from you.