New Borger Lions "write history" by signing new charter

Lions from across the region gathered to lend their support to the newly formed club.
Alex Mann
Managing Editor

An evening filled with ceremony and camaraderie officially launched the new Borger Lions Club as a chartered member of the Lion's Club international. With several regional clubs in attending the banquet at Fairlanes Baptist Church, the charter signing was a celebration not only of the Lion's past and future work in Borger, but of the international club's ongoing commitment to service and philanthropy.

After the new Borger Lions we're officially inducted and given their membership pins, the new clubs officers were sworn in by past and current members of the Lions' district and state leadership. Numerous speakers offered their congratulations and wisdom to the newly inducted members, but it was keynote speaker Jimmy Ross, past international president of Lions Club International, who shared some of the most poignant thoughts of the evening. “What we're talking about here is an organization that is looked to by the leaders of countries and corporations as a premier organization.” Ross explains, “So I want to congratulate all of you on being part of it. I also want you to dream. I want you to dream big... What projects will you do, even if no one comes to help? When you have a passion like that... to do a project even if it's by yourself, that's a project you need to have. It means you have the spirit of Lionism that we saw many years ago... you have the spirit we need.”

Over the decades, Lions Club International has become one of the worlds most respected service organizations through countless projects, and strict commitment to using club funds exclusively on service and charity. “In Lions Club International, 100 percent of the money raised by the public goes to the needs of charity. That doesn't happen elsewhere.” Ross says, “Financial Times seven years ago determined we were the number one nongovernmental organization in taking care of funds, and seeing that funds go to the causes.” Though the Lions have undoubtedly made an impact on millions of lives over the years, Ross was adamant that it was members themselves who would be impacted the most by their own actions. “You can sit and count up how many lives you'll change... but my friends, the lives that will be changed most are the ones wearing the pin. Because when you give unconditionally, to someone you don't even know, to someone who needs what you can do, and you do it just because you can... then, my fellow Lions, that will change you.” Ross says, “The greatest thing in the world is what you have between yourself and the creator... the next best thing is to be able to serve your fellow man, and work together for your community.”

After a standing ovation for the former International President, local President of the new Borger Chapter Chris Prock stood to offer a few closing statements before members signed the new charter. “It's my pleasure as president of the Borger Lions Club to accept this charter... I want to express the extreme gratitude to be able to be a part of the Lions Club International.” Prock begins, “To my club, I vow my full cooperation as president, as well as that of my fellow officers. In return we ask for your support, your help, loyalty, and attendance and participation at meetings and local projects. In just a minute, we'll sign this charter before we go, but I want you to start thinking about the importance... This charter will be a new fixture in Borger Lions Club history.”

One table in the room was dedicated to the first Lions Club charter in Borger, signed nearly a hundred years ago. It was this legacy that seemed to inspire the new club to move forward and match, or even surpass the old club's accomplishments. “A hundred years from now, people will read these names; they'll read your name... and what will they say about you?” Prock continues, “That charter there is filled with the movers and shakers of their time. We are the movers and shakers of Borger now. As we grow as a club, and right our story, it's important to note that today is tomorrow's history.” Before meeting a rousing round of applause, Prock concludes, “As you write your name... be thinking about the importance of it. You're not just taking a few seconds to scribble your name... you're writing history tonight.”