The Morley is Open & It's Awesome

Open ICYMI - and we here at the News Herald just got front row seats to experience it first-hand. First, a little bit about the amazing-ness that is the new Morley Theater. If you’re like me, you grew up going to this theater; you’ve seen it through the peaks and valleys in the shifting seasons of cinema and this town. One thing the Morley has always provided is a sweet taste of the city in a small town. Watching a flick on the big screen is another way we gain at least a little culture in the at-times hum-drum normal of our everyday lives. This theater has been through life with us - the good and the bad. It’s seen the days of glory, with everyone in attendance, the days where construction began but never really finished and now, it feels like the Morley has been given a nice finish. After being purchase by Brian Mitchell, the very present and “not-afraid-to-get-his-hands-dirty” owner of Mitchell Theaters in May of 2017, it began and finished updates and renovations in a short 3 months, in such a timely manner, it took most by surprise. In fact, according to Brian Bailey, general manager, many people still approach the theater to ask if they are even open. Not many are aware that not only are they finished and re-opened, but the Morley has had some pretty awesome upgrades.