Morley Movie Review: Insidious

Christine Burney
Staff Writer

2.7 out of 5 paws

The Insidious thriller series is not something I have honestly kept up with, but watching the new Insidious: The Final Key did its job, making me want to see the others. Though its scary factor was perfectly pitched, it was truly not what I expected it to be. From the name, I got the idea that it was going to somewhat like Children of the Corn - You know, one of those movies that uses the sweet old country, with vulnerable subjects to trick you into the worst nightmare of your life. This felt different than that. The literal acting style that told you what to feel rather than showing you, pulls you back to the days of early Christian movies, with all the lessons but little of the heart in the acting. Though the main actress, Lin Shaye has that perfect Halloween, older woman look, her acting was just not good. I would say it rather kept to the shallow level of many horror films in the past; so, perhaps it was more to reflect an earlier time and was done purposely. However, when you make it past the acting hiccups, there is this thoroughly developed world that you just know was made for (or maybe from) nightmares - the quick-moving crazy ghostlike figures get me every time! The symbolism in the film feels rather prophetic in nature, with keys symbolizing the power we give away because of fear and trauma. If you love to think on symbolic levels, you will likely enjoy this aspect, though, again, it is pretty surface-level symbolism that goes with a very let-me-spell-it-out-for-you kind of style of expression. The main theme seems to be what happens when trauma opens doors to unhealthy things, that can silence us in our lives and through generations, but love is powerful to overcome the things that find their way in - all you’ve got to do is whistle. Ultimately, it was a hopeful film - I enjoyed the thoughtfulness of the scare. What did you think of the film? Comment on our FB!