Morley Movie Review: Father Figures

Christine Burney
Staff Writer

3 out of 5 paws

So, early warning: This film is not for family viewing. There is overt descriptions of sexual acts, especially in the first half of this film Normally, I may have walked out, but I stayed to gather an understanding of the film as a whole. I am glad that I did because I really liked the second half of the film better than the first.

Father Figures follows the trip that twin brothers take to find out who their father is. The first half of the film stays on a pretty surface level with little substance. This film was just another overly-sexualized comedy with surface-level emotions until the train scene - directly after this point came the most real emotions of the entire film and it brought me right back to my relationship with my sister. After that it just keeps building and becoming more interesting and less bland. Perhaps it was on purpose - life can be that way - until some conflict gets thrown into your life to bring a little more real out of you, life can be so daily.

The lighting, music and composition in the film are pretty good, though all the actors have an excessive amount of makeup on for some reason - it really starts to feel kind of weird, especially in Christopher Walken’s character.