Meet the Candidate: Mac Conaway, running for County Commissioner precinct. 4

April Davis
Staff Writer

By April Davis
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Mac Conaway is a candidate for Hutchinson County Commissioner, running in precinct 4.
Conaway has lived in Hutchinson County for 67 years, his entire life.
“I’m a lifetime resident,” Conaway says. He’s wanted to run for commissioner for “quite a while. I’ve been interested in the county government and I’m retired now and can devote full time to being on the commissioners court.”
Conaway says he doesn’t have an agenda.
“I don’t have anything in particular that I want to see changed, I think the commissioners have done a good job,” he praises. “I just want to give back. Like I’ve said, I’m a lifetime resident and I’ve see things come and go. I worked 39 years with Phillips Petroleum Company... I served three years on the PSPCIDS school board and one year as president. So I have a working knowledge of budgets and taxes and employee relations, and with the diverse weather conditions and road maintenance and equipment and oil and gas industry, I think I’m pretty well rounded in that respect.”
Conaway adds that as far as changes he hopes to make in Hutchinson County, he thinks the current court has kept the ball rolling smoothly.
“I think the commissioners court and the judge has done a good job,” he says. “I don’t foresee any changes that I want to see implemented at this time. I would like to see the crime and drug use that has progressed... you know, I commend the sheriff for the programs that he’s tried to implement at the jail. I would like to see that continue. I feel like that’s a problem nation wide. It’s not just Hutchinson County. We have a problem with drugs and crime. I would like to see something we could do about that. I don’t want to just punish people, I want to see them get help. Sometimes that’s a trap, those drugs, and it’s hard to get out of. The children suffer. The children of our county suffer and they’re innocent.”
Conaway adds again that he wants to be a representative of precinct 4 and adds that history is his hobby.
“The thing is, I love Hutchinson County,” he admits. “I’ve been here my whole life and never lived anywhere else. The best people in the world are right here in Hutchinson County and we have more good things than we have bad, but we all face those things that come up. I want to be part of that. We don’t have to look back very far to realize how far we’ve come, the success that we’ve enjoyed. See Tuesday issue of News Herald on stands, at the office or get your online subscription today for more!