Meet the Candidate: Dale Herbst candidate for county commissioner pct. 2

April Davis
Staff Writer

Dale Herbst is a lifetime resident of Hutchinson County. He worked with Texas Department of Transportation [TxDOT] for 31 years, and is retiring in August of 2018. He is the maintenance section assistant supervisor.

Herbst's interest in local politics came natural to him; his mother served as county clerk from 1991 to 2002.

“I've spent a lot of time at the courthouse,”he comments. “I've been serving the residents of Hutchinson County all these years and would like to continue serving them,” says Herbst. “I would be a full time county commissioner. If I'm elected, it will be full time for me. I'm at a place where it's time for me to retire, but I don't want to stop serving the people of this county.”
Herbst feels that his employment with TxDOT and his hands on experience with the roads in the county, he is a great candidate for the job of county commissioner.
“Doing the annual budget for the highways and farm to market roads in Hutchinson County, I think that experience I would serve the public well in this position,” Herbst observes. “I want to value all the Hutchinson County employees. I want their opinions and see what they feel needs to be improved, not just the commissioners court make the decision. I want opinions that come from employees themselves and consider that.”
Herbst also says that he hopes to have a long term plan for the budget so the county can know how to spend the money ahead of time.

“Instead of doing it year by year, we can forecast the goals ahead of time and if a problem arises, we can adjust it,” Herbst says. “If something breaks and it's not in the forecast, we can adjust the budget. Maintain the buildings infrastructure, things like the library... the jail is part of the buildings I'm talking about. Maybe do some periodic inspections in house or internally so you can maintain them. There will be breakdowns no matter what, there will always need to be repairs, but inspections weekly, monthly might help. We do that at TxDOT. We have equipment that's been there for 20 years or more and you have to do preventive maintenance on stuff. Working all together, all the offices, to serve the public more efficiently and doing the best we can, that's important to me.”

To the voters of Hutchinson County, Herbst would like to say “Please get out and vote. We need to have a good voters turnout. In the past, I feel that people haven't been encouraged enough to vote and we need everyone to do that.

Herbst has been married to Carmin for four years.