Learning Center clients enjoy Halloween bash

Tabitha Fleming
Staff Writer

Young adults from the Learning Center locations in Borger, Stinnett, Pampa, Spring Creek and surrounding areas gathered at the Borger Elks Lodge for an annual event sponsored by Rex Young, owner of the Allstate Insurance Agency in Borger. Not only was there food and music, there were lots of smiles to go around as the young adults enjoyed the fellowship with each other and the volunteers in attnedance.
The Learning Center provides services for those with mental or physical disabilities. With vocational training in a sheltered environment, the center serves as a stepping stone for independence. After training the center provides supported employment. The agency mission statement is “Making Lives Better.” For those that cannot come to the center, there is also opportunity with the supported home living services for training at home. According to their listing on United Way, the main goal is “to provide as many opportunities as possible to enrich our client's lives so that they might enjoy a purposeful and satisfying life as much as they are capable of having.”
The costs of the event were paid for by Rex Young of Allstate Insurance. He generously donates his time and the finances to give those attending the learning center a special holiday treat. Young has been an active member of the community for years and according to his websitem, also gives of his time to the Lions Club, United Way, the Chamber of Commerce, and HutchCares.
For the second year now, Amarillo DJ's Scott Warren has provided the music and entertainment. The young people are his favorite part of the event he said, and they're energy is contagious. During the event Warren danced and laughed with those on the dance floor, helping engage some wallflowers and letting some natural divas shine on the dance floor. “They're so much fun,” he said smiling.
Robert Tiffany, with the Borger Elks Lodge said this is one of those events that the Elks is glad to be a part of. “The Elks have been involved in this for numerous years,” he said, “It's always such a fun time for us as volunteers to get to see the young people enjoying themselves.”