Investigators confirm audio recording made during closed meeting in Tom Brown case

Tom Brown
Tim Howsare

The civil investigators in the Tom Brown case, Klein Investigations & Consulting (KIC), confirmed that someone made an audio recording at the Aug. 21 closed meeting in Pampa in which the criminal investigators in Brown’s death agreed to suspend the investigation.
In a statement posted on Facebook over the weekend, KIC stated: “Two weeks ago there was a meeting of the family, investigators in LE (law enforcement), investigators in PSB (Private Security Board), legal counsel for the state (district attorney and his assistant), the Texas Ranger for the area and friends/family of the Brown/Meek family. In such, the meeting was a closed meeting and information was given to the room. In such, it was a private meeting and the AG (attorney general) who hosted the meeting asked that the information be kept private.”
Although the FBI took part in the criminal investigation, no one from that agency was at the meeting, said Caroline Gear, an investigator with KIC.
In an email sent to the News-Herald on Tuesday, Philip Klein, CEO of KIC, said, “We have seen a transcript and have had reports from the community of Canadian that the meeting was audio recorded and transcribed. We are very disappointed in whomever did that — we did not record it or transcribe it.”
In the Facebook post, KIC stated “ … ‘if’ it was someone in Law Enforcement, we publicly call upon them to resign their commission and job. No excuses — do the right thing and resign. You have hurt the family, you have hurt the case and frankly, you have hurt the public at large.”
The post continued: “This is a very sad move in this case by someone that really does not have ANY interest in solving the Thomas Brown case. We smell politics — but we are not ready for that yet. If it is rebroadcasted or given out as unconfirmed transcribed released to the public — we will root out who it was and will publicly tell you who it was.”
The News-Herald has not seen the transcript and has no intention of publishing it or posting it to social media should it become available.
On Nov. 23, 2016, Thomas Kelly Brown, a senior at Canadian High School, was last seen in Canadian, at approximately 11:30 p.m. by several of his friends. Brown, who played football, was involved with theater and was known as a devout Christian, was reported to have missed his curfew and was subsequently reported missing. The Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office responded to the report, and an attempt to locate Brown was initiated. 
His remains were found near Lake Marvin, a wilderness area 12 miles from Canadian, in early January by Deputy Pyne Gregory of the HCSO. Gregory was fired in April for an issue not related to the Brown investigation.
KIC is continuing its civil investigation and has emphasized that the criminal investigation is not closed, only suspended.
The Facebook post concluded: “Again, as Mr. Klein told you all, we are working hard on this case to find out what happened to Tom. Hang in there with us, pray hard for everyone in both PSB and LE, and whomever you are that recorded it — do the right thing.”