How do you protect yourself this summer from bug bites and sunburn?

With graduations wrapping up and the Memorial Day holiday coming to a close, summer travel and plenty of outdoor fun equals bug bites and sunburn. It's not enough just to apply bug spray and sunscreen for protection. To avoid both summer hazards the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests you apply both, but do so in the right order.

Sunscreen always goes on first, then apply insect repellent. CDC experts say bug sprays works by creating a field of repellency as it evaporates and leaves the skin. So it's always best to apply sunscreen first. In fact, the CDC suggests the public avoid using combo repellent-sunscreen products. Convenience isn't important when it comes to good health.

Do you use sunscreen and bug spray? What brands do you use the most? We'd like to get your feedback.