Help! My roommate refuses to clean

Sarah Harris
Staff Writer

Dear Sarah Says,

My friend and I got an apartment together while we attend college. We’ve been friends for a long time and at first, everything was great.
However, living with her is really testing our friendship. My friend is messy, I mean super messy. It wouldn’t be so bad if the mess stayed contained to her room, but it is all over the apartment.

She will leave dirty dishes in the sink for days. Her laundry is scattered throughout the apartment, and our shared bathroom is a complete disaster zone.

She claims her busy schedule makes it hard to clean up after herself, but I’m taking just as many hours as her and have a part-time job as well. What can I do? Thanks.

Frustrated Roommate

Dear Frustrated Roommate

I could say this is preparing you for what married life might be like, but I know that isn’t what you want to hear. Talk to your friend about doing her part to maintain the apartment.
Hopefully, she will be receptive and change her messy ways. If not, grin and bear it, and find a new roommate next semester.

Sarah Says

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