Help! My child was diagnosed with diabetes

Sarah Harris
Staff Writer

Dear Sarah Says,

My twelve-year old son was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and I feel overwhelmed about the sudden changes in our lives. I mean, he’s twelve and needs to be a child, not deal with this change that will affect him for the rest of his life. My son, on the other hand, is taking his diagnosis in stride and is grateful to finally know what’s wrong with him. As his mom, I don’t have my son’s resilience. How do I learn to cope with the changes to our lives?

Overwhelmed Mom

Dear Overwhelmed Mom,

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, but your son is right. Now that your son has a diagnosis, you can take the next steps to help him. Find an online support group for parents of children who have diabetes. Your doctor might also have helpful information. Your life has changed, but try to see this as something positive. The lifestyle changes you are making will make you healthier as well. Since your son is so resilient, he will live a full life, and so will you.

Sarah Says

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