Girl Scouts involved in community

irl Scouts from Troop 5532 taking part in a recent food bagging night for Snak Pak 4 Kids. (provided photo)
Sarah Harris
Staff Writer

Under the leadership of Maria Ramos, Girl Scout Troop 5532 has a strong, active presence in the Borger community. The 38 girls currently in the troop are of all ages. Scouts are lifelong members and call themselves sisters.
“We’re a family,” Ramos says.
The scouts are involved in the community all year, but their busiest time is from October to March, cookie sales being from January to March. Through its partnership with HutchCares, Troop 5532 serves at both the Valentine’s Day banquet as well as the Thanksgiving celebration at Bennigan’s.
They spend time at nursing homes, especially Golden Years, participating in bingo night and tea parties, along with presenting the residents with homemade Halloween and Thanksgiving cards.
“When we delivered cards to the nursing homes, the girls got to meet Girl Scout sisters,” Ramos says. “They talked about how things were when they were in Girl Scouts. The girls were really excited that they were able to meet another Girl Scout sister and hear their history.
“They loved it too because they see the younger girls being involved in the community. It warms their hearts. It’s very rewarding.”
In addition, the Scouts participate in the Veterans Day program at the school, presenting each veteran with a card and a token of appreciation. They also take part in a checkers tournament called troop to troop. The scouts participate in the United Way Day of Caring and ring The Salvation Army bell.
“Whoever needs us, we’re there. We try to do as much as we can. I couldn’t do it without the girls, their mothers, and the support of the community.
“This is our town. I want the girls to be involved and out there as much as they can be,” Ramos says.
Girl Scout troop 5532 meets twice a month at Papa J’s. “If you join, you’re going to be expected to be out there in the community and do a lot for the community. Sometimes it’s overwhelming, but if you’re willing to stick it out and work hard, it’s a great troop,” Ramos says. For more information or to join, call Maria Ramos at 806-223-7474.