Fritch family of six loses home in Tuesday morning Fire

The smoking rubble of what had been the Corbin home filled the air as crews worked to extinguish the embers.
Tabitha Fleming
Feature Reporter

After severe weather ripped through the panhandle on Monday night, residents in Hutchinson County were hit with another disaster as a home in Fritch was completely destroyed by fire. Tim Corbin, who lived in the home with his family had little to say as he watched the fire crew put out the embers of what had been his home only hours earlier. “I have four kids,” he said, “and this is all we’ve got.” Visibly shaken, at this point it’s unclear what the future holds for the Tim, his wife Candice, and their four children.

In this small town, with so many who have been touched by the destruction of fire, there are many who know the feeling of loss and the path to rebuilding homes and lives. Silver Welch, who is part of the Project Fritch America group has been working to get the word out about the family’s needs. “We’ve had people drop off some clothing already,” said Welch, “and they are staying with family.” The Corbin family does have income so it’s just the short term and intial one-time cost of replacing an entire home’s worth of possessions and groceries that the family is facing. For that, Welch is hoping the residents of Hutchinson County will give generously.

“We’d love it if people could help with gift cards,” she said, “Project Fritch America is just getting started, so we don’t have a huge budget, but we’re trying to help in every way that we can.” For the next couple days, donations can be given directly to Silver Welch by calling 806-886-0883. In Fritch the local Subway, located at 109 S. Broadway had set up a collection jar. Borger residents can take donations to the VFW at 101 S. Main Street where they will be collected by Welch in the evening. There is now also a GoFundMe account for the family, the donation page can be found here: