Four-year-old at home recovering after surgery in New York City

Four-year-year Brealee Whitmire feasting on a plate of spaghetti one week after her surgery. She is now back home in Borger. (photo courtesy of Lacy Whitmire)
Tim Howsare

Brealee Whitmire, the 4-year-old girl who had surgery on June 19 in New York City, is back home in Borger, her mother, Lacy, told the News-Herald on Monday.
The Whitmires returned to Borger on Friday.
Braelee had surgery for scoliosis and chairi malformation.
“She was walking about the fourth day after surgery,” Lacy Whitmire said. “The only thing that’s bothering her is her neck is real stiff. She can’t turn her neck.”
Though Braelee is doing well in her recovery, she will need a lot of follow up to her surgery.
She will need to have an MRI every three months, her mother said.
“We are going back to New York in September,” Lacy said.
They also will be going to Dallas at the end of September, Lacy said.
Her mother said Braelee had a very large cyst that was causing her scoliosis.
“They want to shrink or get rid of it,” Lacy said.
While she’s wearing the cast, Brealee cannot bath or swim.
“We can only wash her hair and give her sponge baths,” Lacy said.
After the last cast is removed, Brealee will need to wear a back brace until she is 10.
Despite everything’s she has been through, Lacy said Brealee is doing well.
“She’s doing fine. There’s been no issues,” Lacy said.