Former Phillips HS volleyball coach to speak at this weekend’s reunion

Sports Editor

This upcoming weekend here in Borger will be one to celebrate the great and fruitful history of Phillips High School. The high school throws a big reunion this time of year every year to keep the memories alive of the school. There will be a golf tournament on Saturday morning, and the formal reunion at the Borger Country Club Saturday evening.
At Saturday’s reunion there will be a very special guest speaker. That guest will be former volleyball coach, and two-time state champion coach Dede Prather. Prather coached the girls volleyball team at Phillips High from the years 1968-1971. In those three years amazingly, Prather won two state titles as head coach. These would be the only years Prather would coach at the varsity level.
I recently had the pleasure to interview Coach Prather as the reunion nears this weekend. Prather, a native of Weatherford, Texas, now makes her home in Bedford, Texas. Dede Prather is married to her husband Bill, and they have a daughter named Elizabeth.
I asked what was Prather’s favorite memory in the three years of coaching a Phillips High, and she remembers how much spirt her girls had and how they stuck together.
I asked what was your proudest accomplishment at Phillips High the three years you coached there. Prather: “Well two state championships weren’t bad.”
Prather went on to say, “The program was so great and organized, which helped with the success we had.”
I asked her what she will be speaking about at the reunion on Saturday: Prather: “I am going to share a couple of cute stories about the state championships, and the great memories of those two years.”
Prather went on to say “the two state championship years were very well organized.”
As I concluded the interview with Prather, she stated, “I am completely thrilled and honored to speak at the reunion this weekend, and I’m really looking forward to sharing my memories with the people that will be there.”