Everyday people about town: Erin Holland

Cynthia Reyes
Staff Writer

Erin Holland is a 25 year old mother of two and has been married to her husband, Mitchel Holland for six and a half years. Mitchel grew up in Borger and Erin grew up in Amarillo. The two settled in Borger in 2013 after Mitchel was medically retired and rated 100% disabled by the VA.

“I love that Borger is small enough that you will run into someone you know everywhere you go, but you still see people you’ve never met before too. Most people around here are kind and easy to befriend, and always willing to help others in a crisis. There aren’t a lot of places to live where you can say most people you know are admirable and upstanding citizens who care about each other, but I really feel that’s true about Borger. It may be a small, sleepy town, but the people are always busy doing something for each other,” Erin Says.

Erin and her family attend Church of Christ at Borger, where she helps with service to the community. She assists with luncheons for widows and widowers and helps hold events such as sleep overs and movie nights for middle school girls. She is also participates in the church's VBS program every summer.

It was Erin's giving spirit that eventually lead Erin to embark on the self-less journey of becoming a surrogate. “I first heard about surrogacy when I was pregnant with my first child in 2012,” Erin says, “By 2014, in my second pregnancy, I actually met a woman who was going through a surrogate pregnancy. I closely followed her journey and began to learn about it in depth. My husband and I decided our family was complete after having our second child, but I didn’t feel completely done with being pregnant. But I knew I didn’t want to raise another child! That’s when I really dove into researching surrogacy and the more I read and the more I prayed, I knew helping another family have a child they otherwise couldn’t was something I was meant to do.”

Since becoming a surrogate, Erin has been met with much curiosity and questions about surrogacy. “There are so many common misconceptions about surrogacy!” Erin explains, “Some people think the baby is genetically related to the carrier, which is almost never true. Others think I will develop an attachment and try to keep the baby. There are a lot of legalities in places to protect the parents rights, plus surrogates go into this knowing they’re creating life and it’s so precious, but the babies are not ours to keep. We don’t form bonds that attach us to the children we carry through surrogacy. Another misconception is that the parents who do this are filthy rich and surrogates are rolling in dough from choosing to do this. Most of the time the parents are just regular people with regular jobs and lives, trying to make having a baby work. And nobody (except maybe Kim Kardashian’s surrogate) has ever become wealthy by doing this.”