Discovery Center offers new wizarding event for families


Riddikulus, Obliviate, Accio! Calling all Muggles!
The Don Harrington Discovery Center will be turning it’s museum wings into a Wizarding School for one day on Saturday Aug. 3, and no acceptance letter needed! Die-hard Harry Potter fans and families that just love Wizarding and Witchery will revel in this all-day event celebrating the world of magic. From 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., DHDC will explore this magical world and learn the science behind it.
Wizarding School visitors will enjoy a full cauldron of fun featuring:
• Mesmerizing Science of Magic Demonstrations by DHDC’s finest wizards and witches.
• Stop by Ollivander’s Wand Shop to make your own magical wand.
• Attend wizarding classes on topics like “Care of Magical Creatures,”
“Potions”and “Charms.”
• Learn about our night sky with our astronomy lessons in the Space Theater every hour,
beginning at 11 a.m.
• Dive in to Muggle Studies while taking apart a full-size car.
• Get sorted and earn house points throughout the day in your classes.
Wizarding School is sponsored by Exceptional Emergency Center. Admission for this
event is $3 per person for members and $3 plus regular admission per person for non-members.

The Don Harrington Discovery Center is located at 1200 Streit Drive in Amarillo. For more information, call 806-355-9547.