City Employee of the Week: Freddy Fernandez

Freddy Fernandez
Staff Writer

Name: Freddy Fernandez

Job Title: Facility Maintenance Supervisor

Years with the City: Six.

Job Description: Fernandez’s position is in the Public Works Department. Fernandez’s job is multi-faceted as he helps perform tasks that ensure operation and maintenance of City facilities.
Fernandez is part of the team that helps perform a variety of skilled tasks in the maintenance and operations of parks, open spaces, grounds, and other City facilities. Freddy performs a variety of tasks that contribute to facility and park maintenance. Fernandez’s skills are utilized towards various city projects as well.
The Public Works team is an integral component of city events. Along with all city departments, including Fire and Utilities, Public Work’s team efforts facilitated preparation, set-up, clean-up and more of the recent All-American City Celebration.
Fun Job Fact: Fernandez’s handiwork was behind the sign structures that held the informational and promotional event banners and posters that were found all over the City’s recent All-American City 50 Year Celebration.
Favorite Part of Job: “Coming to work, everyone’s happy, good bosses treat you well.”
Favorite Part of Borger: Fernandez has lived in Borger for 35 years and said he likes that “the traffic isn’t bad.”