Borger News-Herald honors Pearl Harbor survivor - remembering the “Governor,” longtime Borger resident dies at 97

April Davis
Staff Writer

Longtime Borger resident, W.C. “Governor” White passed away on January 8, 2018. White was a well known face in the community, mainly among Golden Plains Community Hospital staff, where he volunteered his time for many years.
Dacia Valentine works at GPCH and knew White from his volunteer time at the hospital.
“He greeted people at Golden Plains for over 30 years,” says Valentine.“He loved to buy out all the purses in the gift shop and then hand them out to different people. He had a heart of gold, but don’t take his steal his seat in the lunch room or he might get you! He loved football and was very dedicated to the Auxiliary at the hospital. He volunteered on average 40 hours a month up until just a few weeks ago. We loved him dearly and will miss his face.”
On December 7, 2001, just three months after the 9-11 attack, the Borger News-Herald printed a story about White and his experience at Pearl Harbor. The article was written by April Davis and printed on the 60th anniversary of the attack.
The article reads:
Sixty years ago today. Sunday, December 7. 1941. The “day that will live in infamy.” For most, Pearl Harbor was a day that horrible tragedy struck the nation and we were plummeted into World War II. Not many of us knew much more than that. Now, we are all familiar with the emotion and the anger that raged that day so long ago.

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