Andy Mason to perform at county library branches Wednesday, July 17

Tim Howsare

Award winning children's musician Andy Mason will perform Wednesday at all three branches of the Hutchinson County Library.
Mason will perform at 10 a.m. at the Stinnett branch, 2 p.m. at the Borger branch and 4 p.m. at the Fritch branch.
He will have the audience dancing and singing along to his songs about pizza, burritos, sharks, pirates, “owees” and hand washing.  
Mason's performances are something the library always looks forward to.
“He has been here before and is very well liked,” said Ruth DeRosa, office manager at the Borger branch.
Mason now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but is from Portales.
Offering songs in English and Spanish, Mason brings a little of New Mexico to each of his performances, according to a press release.  Mason also offers workshops and keynotes for educators throughout New Mexico and Texas. Emphasizing the importance of music in the education of children is a very important aspect in his workshops.  
Mason’s music has been nominated for a New Mexico Music Award. He currently performs regularly in 15 local pre-schools in Eastern New Mexico and Texas.  Mason tours throughout the Southwest every summer visiting libraries in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and Wyoming. Mason has toured in the United Kingdom and Iceland. 
Mason’s “A Brief History of Christmas Music” program is sponsored by the New Mexico Humanities Council and keeps Andy on tour from the end of November right up until Christmas. 
Mason’s family-friendly music keeps the attention of children and adults alike, who will no doubt come away from his show having learned something too.  
For more information, contact Mason at 575-693-9641 or email