Altrusa donates to Borger Library

Local Altrusans donated $500 to the Hutchinson County Friends of the Library to benefit the community information center. Pictured Left to Right (front row) Edith Stanley, Lydia Folkes, Judy Flanders, Amanda Harris – Altrusa President, Bettye Lacour, Dolores Renfroe, (back row) Carolyn Wilkinson - Librarian, Wanda Guinn, Eddie Whittington - Hutchinson County Commissioner, and Gloria Rummel.
Tabitha Fleming
Staff Writer

The Hutchinson County Library and Friends of the Library received a welcome donation Friday from Altrusa International of Borger. Altrusa, which is an international association of business executives and professionals who volunteer their energies and expertise in projects dedicated to community betterment, hosts flea market events in the aluminum dome in Borger donates the monies received to local community projects.
Altrusa's donation to the Friends of the Library, which amounted to a total of $500, will be used to support the programs and services the local library offers. “We're very grateful,” said Librarian Carolyn Wilkinson. The library, which was recently closed due to a collasped wall is now open, but it's future remains uncertain. The area that had been the children's section and also home to the Friends of the Library bi-annual book sale is now cordoned off to prevent injury.
The county has several options when it comes to the future of the library, but one thing remains, the library which serves the city of Borger and the residents of the county. According to Wilkinson, there have been visits to the library by engineers or other building specialists. It is hoped that the county will be able to come up with a plan and repair the library or move it to a new building soon.
In this world where everything comes with a price, the local library is one of the last free activities on the map, and with it, the imaginations and education of the entire county is bolstered. The library offers information, books, internet access, and other vital services for country residents that cannot be found elsewhere. What's more, the library is part of a network that allows patrons to request special books that will then be available to them at no charge through the library.
Regardless of the future of the library, it's clear that local Altrusans support it's mission to make information available for all inquiring minds. Amanda Harris, President, Bettye Lacour, Dolores Renfroe, Gloria Rummel, and Wanda Guinn are all members of Altrusa. Edith Stanley, Lydia Folkes, Judy Flanders, and Eddie Whittington are all part of the Friends of the Library.