‘Everyday person’ Patrick Viles loves helping people

Patrick Viles
Sarah Harris
Staff Writer

Patrick Viles, a lifelong Borger resident and 2003 Borger High School graduate, is the Volunteer of the Year for this year’s Best of the Best contest.
Viles, who is great with children and the elderly, says, “One day, I was just sitting at home, and I thought I’d get up and go find something to do.” Viles heard about volunteering at the hospital, so he went there and completed the application. He began volunteering in 2006.
Viles volunteers at the hospital two days a week, four hours a day. In this position, Viles answers phones, delivers papers to the various departments and provides directions. Viles’ father, Michael, says, “He loves being part of the volunteer groups and being part of the hospital. He loves being at the desk when someone comes in, recognizes him and talks to him.”
At the hospital, Michael Viles is known as Patrick’s dad.
When Viles was asked what sets him apart from the other nominees, he says, “I’m the youngest and can get around quicker. I love seeing the people.”
His father says, “I think it’s because everybody likes him. He’s such a sweet kid.”
Viles enjoys attending the hospital parties and banquets. At one of the annual banquets, the volunteers are served and recognized for the number of hours they work.
When Viles is not volunteering at the hospital, he enjoys singing, listening to country music — especially George Strait, Blake Shelton and Johnny Cash — spending time with friends, playing pool, watching TV and reading. He is a huge football fan and also loves rodeo.
“I’m just an everyday person,” Viles says.