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Tuesday marks the 70th anniversary of the Doolittle Raid during World War II. Share your memories of World War II with our readers.

On Saturday, April 18, 1942 16 B-25 bombers manned by a total of 80 men launched from the aircraft carrier USS Hornet. The raid was planned and led by Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle. The Doolittle Raid's goals were to target the Japanese Home Islands with the goal of demonstrating Japan was vulnerable, retaliate for the attack on Pearl Harbor and boost American morale.

Have you experienced telephone fraud?

Telephone fraud is a big problem in America. AARP reports unsolicited calls totaled 29 billion in 2016. Crooks are always on the prowl for potential rip-off opportunities. The Federal Trade Commission found fraud complaints have increased nearly 60 percent since 2010.

America formally entered World War I 100 years ago on April 6. Did family members share stories with you of their memories during "the war to end all wars?"

Congress voted to declare war on Germany on April 6, 1917. President Woodrow Wilson had asked Congress for the declaration to "make the world safe for democracy," and promised "a war to end all wars." More than 38 million soldiers and civilians died in World War 1. 20 million more were wounded.

Did you have a family member serve in the American Expeditionary Force? We'd like to hear your memories of stories told by family members who served.

With tax season fully underway, here's a few tax break tips for homeowners.

Owning property can unlock some big tax breaks for you and your family. Here are five valuable deductions you might be able to claim. First, for middle-class Americans, the interest paid on your home loan is typically the largest potential deduction. Secondly, if you recently purchased a home but paid "points" to the bank in order to get a better rate, that expense is tax deductible in the year you made them. Thirdly, maximize your energy credits. Nearly every energy saving improvement you make to your home can qualify for a tax credit.

Tax season is here. It's the perfect time to build a plan for managing your affairs when you no longer can.

Tax season is the perfect time to build a plan for managing your affairs. A best practice is to build a trusted team to manage your affairs when you no longer can. You need someone trustworthy to pay bills and make critical medical decisions if you can't manage them yourself. Here's a few suggestions to begin the process.

Be creative when seeking financially capable members of the family. Provide a reasonable fee for their work. It takes time and thought to do a good job..

United Supermarkets kicked-off their new Monopoly game

Are you playing the United Supermarkets Monopoly game? The game-piece collect and win game began on February 8 and continues through May 9. Over $200 million in prizes and money saving offers are up for grabs. Have you ever played the game in the past? We'd like to hear if any of our readers have won prizes so far this year or in the past. Post your comments below.

Adele won big at the 59th annual GRAMMY Awards

Several artist's performed during the 59th annual GRAMMY Awards. Most enjoyed the tribute performances including honoring the Bee Gees, Prince and artists who passed away during the past year. Which performance did you enjoy the most? Post your comments below.

What do you enjoy most about the Super Bowl?

Every year on Super Bowl Sunday friends and family gather to watch the big game. Whether you are hosting a party or going to one, what do you enjoy the most about the Super Bowl? Is it the commercials? Halftime show? All the great food and friends? Trying your luck with a football board?

We'd like to hear for our readers. What do you enjoy most? Have you ever attended a Super Bowl? What's your favorite memory?

The 89th Oscar nominations will be announced on Tuesday, January 24.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will announce its nominees for 2017 on Tuesday. We'd like to hear from our readers on the films, actors and actresses you believe deserve a nomination and Oscar. Who are you pulling for this year?

Did you ever attend a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus performance?

The greatest show on earth will end this May. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced on its website on Saturday night that after 146 years of performances, it will be folding its big tent forever. Final performances will continue through May. The company's website cited declining ticket sales, which dropped dramatically after elephants were phased out from the shows last year.

Did you ever attend the circus? We'd like to read your comments and memories.