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County football players make all-district teams

January 2, 2013

Many Borger Bulldogs, Sanford-Fritch Eagles, and West Texas Comanches were named to their respective all-district teams.
Colton Valle, a senior running back for the Eagles, was named the District 1-2A Division II MVP.
His junior teammate, Andrew Reynolds, was named the district’s Defensive MVP.
In addition to receiving first team all-district honors, Kendrick Freeman, a sophomore running back for Borger, was named Sophomore of the Year on the Amarillo Globe News Super Team.
He led the Bulldogs’ rushing attack with 1,158 yards and eight touchdowns on the season.
Valle was also named to the Super Team on defense.
Last year, he made the team as running back. He had 44 tackles and seven sacks for the Eagles this year.
All-District results for the three teams are as follows:

District 1-3A


Coaches of the Year: Stephen Young Dalhart and David Flowers, Perryton.

District MVP: Oscotty Castro, Sr., Dalhart.

Offensive Player of the Year: Dominic Baca, Jr., Dalhart.

Defensive Player of the Year: Chris Rivera, Sr., Pampa.

First team offense

Tight End: Tone Gonzales, Sr., Dalhart.

Tackles: Daniel Orona, Sr., Borger; Micheal Hacker, Sr., Dalhart.

Guards: Dallam Read, Sr., Dalhart; Jonathan Castillo, So., Perryton; Fred McKinney, Jr., Borger.

Center: Cameron Vogel, Sr., Dalhart.

Quarterback: Ryan Smith, Sr., Pampa.

Running Backs: Dontrae Butler, Jr., Borger; Kendrick Freeman, So., Borger; Val Diaz, Jr., Dalhart.
Wide Receivers: Jake Whittenburg, Sr., Perryton; Calum Townsend, Sr., Perryton; Brennan Perry, Sr., River Road.

Kicker: Matt Marrs, Jr., River Road.

First team defense

Ends: Cameron Vogel, Sr., Dalhart; Jaren Karber, Jr., Perryton.

Linemen: Dallam Read, Sr., Dalhart; Fausto Tarango, Jr., Perryton; Trey Evans, Sr., River Road.

Linebackers: Micheal Hacker, Sr., Dalhart; Calum Townsend, Sr., Perryton; Pedro Guzman, Sr., Perryton; Tone Gonzales, Sr., Dalhart.

Defensive Backs: Jake Whittenburg, Jr., Perryton; Zach Farney, Sr., Perryton; Aaron McKee, Sr., Borger; Austin Henry, Jr., Borger.

Punter: Sage Stephens, Jr., River Road.

Second team offense

Tight End: Zach Farney, Sr., Perryton; Tyler Brown, Jr., River Road.

Tackles: Pedro Guzman, Sr., Perryton; Kyler Allen, Sr., Pampa.

Guards: Andrew Jimenez, Sr., Pampa; Dustin Tucker, Sr., Borger.

Center: Justin Ventura, So., Perryton.

Running Backs: Juan Jimenez, Sr.,Perryton; Guillermo Davila, Jr., Dalhart; Matt Riehm, Jr., Perryton.

Wide Receivers: Tyler Powell, Sr., Pampa; Hunter Brice, Jr., River Road; Jared Salinas, Jr., Borger.

Kicker: Josue Enriquez, Sr., Perryton.

Second team defense

Ends: Shad Purcell, Sr., Perryton; Zach Suttle, Sr., Borger.

Linemen: Andrew Jimenez, Jr., Pampa; Creed Brooks, Jr., Borger; Jeremiah Detweiler, Jr., Dalhart.

District 1-2A Division II


District MVP: Colton Valle, Sr., Sanford-Fritch.

Offensive MVP: Ben Arbuckle, Jr., Canadian.

Defensive MVP: Andrew Reynolds, Jr., Sanford-Fritch.

First team offense

Quarterback: Ryan Blakely, Jr., Sanford-Fritch.

Running Backs: Chris Marquez, Sr., Canadian; Andrew Reynolds, Jr., Sanford-Fritch; Trey Bell, Jr., Boys Ranch.

Wide Receivers: Boston Hudson, Jr., Canadian; Brock Hedgecoke, Jr., Canadian; Braiden Galla, So., Canadian; Lance Mullens, Sr., Highland Park; Malik Swinson, Sr., Boys Ranch.

Linemen: Ethan Milner, Jr., Highland Park; Jarrod Goodwin, Sr., Sanford-Fritch; Johnny Swires, Jr., Canadian; Ruben Ponce, Sr., Spearman.

Tight End: Junior Garcia, Sr., Spearman.

Center: Noah Black, So., Sanford-Fritch.

Kicker: Alfredo Rosendo, Jr., Spearman.

First team defense

Linemen: Cody Brom, Sr., Sanford-Fritch; Ruben Ponce, Sr., Spearman; Tyler Lynch, Sr., Canadian; Maurice Major, Jr., Boys Ranch.

Linebackers: Andrew Ezzell, So., Canadian; Preston Wooten, Sr., Sanford-Fritch; Justin Brooks, Sr., Highland Park; Jr. Garcia, Sr., Spearman; Brady Robbins, Sr., Sanford-Fritch; Taylor Thompson, Sr., Canadian; Tanner Baird, So., Spearman.

Defensive Backs: Ryan Blakely, Jr., Sanford-Fritch; Christian Ward, Sr., Sanford-Fritch; Boston Hudson, Jr., Canadian; Braiden Galla, So., Canadian.

Punter: Ben Arbuckle, Jr., Canadian.

Second team offense

Quarterback: Josh Bonner, Sr., Boys Ranch.

Running Backs: Jake Willimon, Sr., Spearman; Cody Brom, Sr., Sanford-Fritch; Allen Cruz, Jr., Highland Park; Tanner Baird, So., Spearman.

Wide Receivers: Chance Cook, Fr., Canadian; Christian Ward, Sr., Sanford-Fritch; Timothy Thornton, So., Highland Park; Alex Mendoza, Sr., Spearman; Trent Morgan, Sr., Highland Park.

Linemen: Jesus Lucero, Sr., Spearman; Morgan Shrader, Sr., Canadian; Jansyn Utter, Jr., Sanford-Fritch; Jose Vigil, Jr., Canadian; Danny Graham, Sr., Boys Ranch.

Tight End: Aaron Swain, Sr., Sanford-Fritch.

Center: Tucker Brown, Jr., Canadian.

Kicker: Larry Eisenman, Jr., Highland Park.

Second team defense

Linemen: Johnny Swires, Jr., Canadian; Sergio Guzman, Jr., Spearman; Jansyn Utter, Jr., Sanford-Fritch; David Whitaker, Sr., Highland Park; Morgan Shrader, Sr., Canadian.

Linebackers: Kagen Breeden, Sr., Spearman; Jabe Thompson, Jr., Boys Ranch; Manny Salas, So., Canadian; Chris Marquez, Sr., Canadian; Alfredo Rosendo, Sr., Spearman; Darrell Hansen, Sr., Sanford-Fritch.

Defensive Back: Malik Swinson, Sr., Boys Ranch; Jake Willimon, Sr., Spearman; Gabe Martinez, So., Canadian; Brock Hedgecoke, Jr., Canadian.

Punter: Kagen Breeden, Sr., Spearman.

District 1-1A Division I


District MVP: Alex Chavoya, Sr., Stratford.

Offensive MVP: Christian Axelson, Sr., Sunray.

Defensive MVPs: Chase Lutes, Jr., Stratford; Alexis Mendoza, Jr., Sunray.

Coach of the Year: Eddie Metcalf, Stratford.

First team offense

Quarterback: Tyler Hall, Jr., Panhandle.

Running Backs: Kelby Hartman, Sr., Stratford; Colten Rendon, Sr., Stratford; Alexis Mendoza, Jr., Sunray.

Wide Receivers: Sterling Audrain, Jr., Stratford; Travis Hammer, Sr., Panhandle; Trevor Cobb, Sr., Clarendon.

Tight End: Zach Berry, Sr., Panhandle.

Center: Max Zapata, Sr., Sunray.

Linemen: Leo Ibarra, Sr., Stratford; Brandon Moreno, Sr., Stratford; Victor Acevedo, Sr., Stratford; Cory Throgmorton, Sr., Panhandle.

Kicker: Gonzalo Eismendi, Jr., Stratford.

First team defense

Linemen: Ezequiel Rodriguez, Jr., Memphis; Leo Ibarra, Sr., Stratford; Trevor Melton, So., Stratford.

Linebackers: Kelby Hartman, Sr., Stratford; Trevor Cobb, Sr., Clarendon; VIctor Acevedo, Sr., Stratford; Christian Axelson, Sr., Sunray; Logan Uttley, Jr., Stratford; J.D. Baxter, Sr., Clarendon.

Secondary: Colten Rendon, Sr., Stratford; Sterling Audrain, Jr., Stratford; Diego Santos, Sr., Clarendon; Miguel Herrera, Sr., Sunray.

Punter: Travis Hammer, Sr., Panhandle.

Second team offense

Quarterback: Tanner Wright, Sr., Stratford.

Running Backs: Dominique Delarosa, So., Sunray; Sheldon Lantelme, So., West Texas; Charles Mason, So., Clarendon.

Wide Receivers: Riley Parr, Jr., Memphis; Austin Terrell, Jr., Panhandle; Diego Santos, Sr., Clarendon.

Tight End: Logan Uttley, Jr., Stratford.

Center: Chase Lutes, Jr., Srtatford.

Linemen: Chandler Jeffers, Sr., Panhandle; Alex Zapata, Jr., Sunray; John PIgg, Sr., Clarendon; Jaime Borunda, Sr., Sunray.

Kicker: Ryan Isbell, Sr., Clarendon.

Second team defense

Linemen: John Pigg, Sr., Clarendon; Zach Berry, Sr., Panhandle; Gonzalo Eizmendi, Jr., Stratford.

Linebackers: Connor St. Charles, Sr., West Texas; Trajen Johnson, Sr., Clarendon; K.C. Tippett, Jr., Memphis; Michael Alexander, Fr., Memphis.

Secondary: Sheldon Lantelme, Jr. West Texas; Travis Hammer, Sr., Panhandle; Omaero Bonilla, Sr., Sunray; Jorge Arroyo, Jr., Sunray.

Punter: Tyler Burch, Sr., Clarendon.

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